Green Foundation Make Up

green foundation make up

  • A woman's supporting undergarment, such as a girdle

  • A body or ground on which other parts rest or are overlaid

  • lowest support of a structure; "it was built on a base of solid rock"; "he stood at the foot of the tower"

  • The lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level

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  • an institution supported by an endowment

    make up
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  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

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  • Green color or pigment

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green foundation make up - MAKE UP

MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Powder Saffron With Green Highlights 957

MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Powder Saffron With Green Highlights 957

What it is: This shimmering, silky powder catches the light and gives the skin a unique glow. What it does: Easy to use and suitable for all skin types, this powder combines an extremely fine yet dense texture. Only a small amount is necessary for a visible and fabulous result. What else you need to know: Dany's Tip: "You can shade it off easily with an eye shadow or powder brush. Use a damp brush to increase shine and hold. You can also dab a small amount on the areas of the face that need highlighting: around the eyes, on the cheekbones, and over lipstick." Sephora is the exclusive beauty retailer for this product.

89% (13)



I love doing make-up. I applied for a job at the mac counter in the Rosedale Macy's. Hopefully I'll get it.

The make-up, in case you're wondering:
Face: Alba Aloe & Green Tea moisturizer, Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream, Sephora Perfection Primer, MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NC20 (with Sephora Professional concealer brush no 46), MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW20 (with MAC brush no 187), MAC lustredrops in Pink Rebel (with MAC brush no 189), MAC Mineralize skin finish in light medium (with Sephora bronzer brush no 44), MAC powder blush in Honour (with some random Ecotools brush)

Eyes: Urban Decay eyshadow Primer Potion, Sephora eyeshadow in Pure White, Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in turquoise, Jemma Kidd i-conic eye pencil in Screen Siren. Make Up Forever eyelashes.

Left eye: Max Factor Vivid Impact eyeshadow duo in 190, Max Factor vivid Impact eyeshadow duo in 180, MAC pigment in Bold and Brash, L'Oreal HIP eye shadow in Showy, L'Oreal HIP eye shadow in Flare, MAC Liquid Last eyeliner in Aqualine.
Right Eye: Make Up Forever Flash Color no 012, Wet n Wild Idol Eyes in Techno, Hot Topic liquid eyeliner in Hot Pink, MAC LiquidLast eyeliner in Electrolady.

Lips: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Light Medium, MAC Lip Glass

Day 155: Love on the Lips

Day 155: Love on the Lips

October 29, 2009
So I'm OKAY with this picture today. I had higher hopes for this but was pressed for time and then my camera battery started to die. So I needed to call it quit and take whatever I could. This was the best of the bunch.

Despite my efforts with make up and foundation, I couldn't get the heart on my lips to stand out well. So I decided to selective color it. I also selective colored my eyes but unfortunately I don't have stunning blue or green eyes...just hazel :( so they didn't show up as well.

I am disappointed with yesterday's picture. Only 10 views :( I usually get much more than that. Can't win 'em all I guess? It's fascinating to see which are the most popular though. Hope this one does well...

TRF: Now Garry's sick :( poor guy...

green foundation make up

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